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Schlowy Custom Motorcycles offers a wide variety of services and motorcycle products and accessories.

We courier our products internationally

Performance accessories
International best seller from Solid Systems. This plug and play acceleration module fits to your BMW or KTM without cutting wires. Smooth crisp powerful torque even at low revs, at a very affordable price. More
Small, light 12v Racing Battery
World's smallest 12v motorcycle battery designed for the track. Available in a 4 or 8 cell version depending on the capacity of the motorcycle. On the track every small innovation counts! More
Rider protection - air bag jacket
Works on a simple physical tether system. Jacket inflates rock hard in under half a second offering all over torso and neck support. Waist coat is made of air flow material and fits over your existing riding jacket.  More
Voltage LED indicator light
Motorcycle batteries are notorious for letting you down. Fitting a voltage indicator light will give you early warning about a potential battery problem and monitor the alternator status. More
Dynamic wheel balancing
One clever product. Ceramic dyna beads added to the inside of your types insures instant wheel balancing for the life of the tyre regardless of damage to the rim or any other changing circumstance. Can be re-used.  More
LED spots
Super bright, compact LED spots. LED lights last for 50000 hours. Excellent daylight running lights for hi visibility in town and on the open road. Diameter 70mms. More
Tyre Protection system that works.
European Car award winning product 2009! This compound when added to your tyre will keep you moving even if the tyre puncture is 6mm in size. The seal is permanent and will last the life of the tyre. More
HID headlight replacement kits
You don't have to bolt on new headlights; you can fit this HID replacement kit directly into the existing cockpit of your motorcycle, car or 4x4. This upgrade offers 300% more light than a standard halogen bulb. More
Motorcycle LED taillights
Visibility when you are stationary or braking is a critical safety issue. Many accidents involving bikes happen when a car rear-ends a motorcycle.  This LED modules attract drivers attention when it is most needed. More
Ultimate off road luggage system.
Giant Loop off road luggage system for hard off road riding - no frames or mods necessary. Outer shell - heavy duty waterproof fabric and zips. Inner contoured stuff bags. Tested on most dual sport adventure motorcycles  More
Motorcycle helmets
This DOT approved helmet is made of ABS plastic. The inner liner is expanded polystyrene. The visor is impact and scratch resistant and offers 35% protection from harmful UV radiation. More
LED bulbs - 12v
LED bulbs for indicators, stop lights, tail lights and dashboards. Super bright and long lasting. One less thing to worry about when on a long distance tour as you dont have to carry spares. More