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Safety and Security
Schlowy Custom Motorcycles is serious about safety. One of the most effective safety strategies is to be seen - day or night. HID and LED lighting is the answer - see our range of products below.
Motorcycle HID headlights
We have a wide variety of HID flood and spot lights in all sizes and strengths. They can be fitted to an existing bar or post mounted. The compact models make excellent running lights for day use. More
Tyre air pressure monitoring
Under inflated tyres lead to uneven wear, high temperatures, fuel wastage and shortened tyre life. This wireless system monitors your tyre pressures and displays the results in the cockpit.  More
Voltage LED indicator light
Motorcycle batteries are notorious for letting you down. Fitting a voltage indicator light will give you early warning about a potential battery problem and monitor the alternator status. More
KTM motorcycle 690 HID headlights
This HID motorcycle head light cluster matches the KTM 690 front fairing and is an excellent replacement for the original lights which do not offer adequate lighting.  More
Motorcycle and rider tracking
This tracking and alarm unit, new in SA, tracks the bike and rider in real time. In the event of an accident, 2 mobile numbers are automatically dialed by the unit. Uses GPS/GSM tracking technology. More
HID headlight replacement kits
You don't have to bolt on new headlights; you can fit this HID replacement kit directly into the existing cockpit of your motorcycle, car or 4x4. This upgrade offers 300% more light than a standard halogen bulb. More
Motorcycle LED taillights
Visibility when you are stationary or braking is a critical safety issue. Many accidents involving bikes happen when a car rear-ends a motorcycle.  This LED modules attract drivers attention when it is most needed. More
Motorcycle helmets
This DOT approved helmet is made of ABS plastic. The inner liner is expanded polystyrene. The visor is impact and scratch resistant and offers 35% protection from harmful UV radiation. More