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Schlowy Customs offers many products, services and accessories - some of these can be purchased through our online shop.

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Our Online Shop - How does it work?

You can flip through our catalogue of products. If you find something you would like to buy you can add it to your shopping cart. When you are done hit the 'check out' button.

For clients here in South Africa payment can be done via two methods. The one that will offers the most protection is the MonsterPay** system. Once you have registered you can use MonsterPay to pay via two different methods . .

1) Via your Credit Card in the normal way OR
2) Via 'Secure Instant Deposit'. This is an ordinary Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) bank to bank.

MonsterPay will take you through your normal online banking experience except that most of the field will have already been filled in for you! The system then automatically releases your order to our courier service for packing.

If you prefer not to use MonsterPay you can place your order and then choose the manual EFT option. Your shopping cart will retain your purchases. You then manually log on to your bank and make Schlowy Customs a beneficiary. You have to manually fill in all the fields and then notify Schlowy Customs of your payment. Once we have confirmed your payment we then release the items in your shopping cart to our courier service for packing

Whatever system you use, know that we at Schlowy Customs want your online shopping experience to be a good one and have you return time and again.

Online Shop - Click here

Or you can email us for some assistance or phone us +27 11 865 5708


**MonsterPay is powered by Setcom and has offices in South Africa, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the USA. Their number here in South Africa is 083 913 0000