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Motorbike rider training
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Motorcycle training

With our specialized training
your long distance, African off road adventure tour will be a
safe, incident-free, life-changing experience.

Motorbike rider training

Down in remote, rural Africa.
No phone reception or medical facilities. Challenge, adventure
or disaster?

When things go wrong your tour can become a wild adventure or a total disaster. Training, mental attitude and preparation makes the difference. African Long Distance trains all three.

Off road, adventure motorcycling academy

Well trained motorcycle riders can pilot their big, dual-sport motorcycles anywhere  . . .
We train A tough, survival mindset
  A zero tolerance for errors
  Finely honed off road riding skills

The excellent training facilities are situated in Johannesburg, making advancement possible with a busy Gauteng schedule.

A critical element of the program is its emphasis on the psychology of the long distance rider. A tough, survival mentality that encourages riders to adopt a zero tolerance for errors. We empower riders to tackle challenging terrain and to enjoy the freedom of the touring experience.

An aviation-like mindset and approach makes this motorcycle course unique. Developed over a five-year period here in South Africa, the material and methods are original and are intended to train the rider of average ability to ride really well.

This course is the key to long distance African motorcycle touring.
It empowers the rider to accept the freedom and responsibility of remote African motorcycle adventure touring with confidence.

Motorcycle training school
Steve Eilertsen

The practical riding sessions avoids the “observe the instructor, now you do it approach”. Skills are taught with precise attention to detail and technique in an environment unlikely to damage your motorcycle or confidence. The African Long Distance’s mantra of “total control, utter precision and perfect balance” forms the basis of all riding sessions. Once a rider has mastered these three fundamental skills, riding well off-road is a breeze.

> Left: Steve Eilertsen, the creator of FlamesOnMyTank and passionate about training for safe riding and maximum enjoyment

African Long Distance is part of the FlamesOnMyTank group which has offered tuition, guidance and resources to the motorcycle community since 1999.
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